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M. Paul Campagnola
Director of Transportation

Diana M. Soldano, FSMPS, CPSM

Diana Soldano, FSMPS, CPSM
Director of Marketing

Andrew S. Haimes, PE

Andrew S. Haimes, P.E.
Sr. Sanitary Engineer/ Code Compliance Officer

Dennis P. Karpowicz, P.E. – Sr. Resident Engineer

Dennis P. Karpowicz, P.E.
Resident Engineer

Stephen A. Hayduk

Stephen A. Hayduk, I.E.
Project Engineer

William O. Morrow, IE

William O. Morrow, I.E.
Project Engineer

Daniel J. Stahl, IE Staff Engineer

Daniel J. Stahl, I.E.
Staff Engineer

Yash Chowdhury – Staff Engineer

Yash Chowdhury
Staff Engineer

Christopher T. Ceresko

Christopher T. Ceresko
Sr. Engineering Technologist

George L. Hayduk – Construction Inspector

George L. Hayduk
CADD Operator/Inspector