Suffolk County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park

Veteran’s Day 2019 marks the 28th anniversary of the completion of the Suffolk County Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Situated on top of Bald Hill, one of the highest points on Long Island, this monument was constructed under the guidance of the Suffolk County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission in 1991. Our Principal, Stephen G. Hayduk, P.E., is well known for his role in the development and construction of the Memorial wherein he served as Executive Director of the Suffolk County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission, Co-Chairman of the Site and Design Selection Committee, and Engineer-in-Charge of design and construction. He is credited as being the person most responsible for the creation of this landmark monument on Bald Hill in Farmingville, NY. Hayduk Engineering  volunteered civil and site engineering design and construction administration and inspection services for the project. The monument, a sharply sloping pyramid, painted boldly in the colors of our nation’s flag, acknowledges the service and sacrifice of all Vietnam Veterans – those who died, those who were wounded, and the men and women who served.