Wastewater Engineering
Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering*
Environmental Engineering
Site Planning
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering*

Types of Services

Preliminary Designs
Feasibility & Investigative Reports
Final Design Plans
Specification Writing
Project Management
Forensic Engineering
Expert Testimony
Cost Estimating
Construction Observation
Permit Applications
Variance Applications
Public Presentations
Sewer Collection Systems
Infiltration/Inflow Studies
Sewer System Evaluation Surveys
Pumping Stations
Water Supply Systems
Backflow Prevention
Water Storage Facilities (tanks, reservoirs)
Soils & Foundations
Tunnels & Jackings
Storm Drainage & Flood Control
Grading & Earthwork
Pond & Recharge Basins
Roadway Design
Chemical/Hazardous Materials Storage
Environmental Assessments
Environmental Site Reviews
Building Designs & Renovations

Computer Facilities

Hayduk Engineering utilizes up-to-the-minute computer technology, and was one of the first consultants to employ the use of computer aided design & drafting (CADD) on Long Island, during the mid 1980’s.

Types of Projects

Single Family Housing
Multi Family Housing
Garden Apartments
Office Buildings
Shopping Centers
Car Washes
Health Care Facilities
Schools & Churches
Industrial Buildings
Recreational Facilities
Golf Courses
Rehabilitation Projects
Marina Facilities

Typical Assignments

Site Plans
Subdivision Plans
Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Septic Systems

*Hayduk Engineering performs project management and some of the engineering work under these disciplines in-house, and also uses the services of other professionals as subconsultants as needed. Hayduk Engineering’s relationships with these subconsultants are long-standing.