Civil and Site Engineering
Water and Wastewater Engineering
Stormwater Management
Highway Engineering
Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Construction Administration

Types of Services

Project Management
Quality Assurance/Quality Control Reviews
Preliminary and Final Engineering Design
Feasibility Studies and Investigations
Specification Writing
Expert Testimony
Construction Administration
Permit and Variance Applications
Public Presentations

Types of Projects

Single and Multi-Family Housing
Mixed Use Developments
Garden Apartments
Office Buildings
Shopping Centers and Malls
Hotels and Lodging
Car Washes
Health Care Facilities
Storage Facilities
Schools and Institutions
Correctional Facilities
Industrial Developments
Parks and Recreational Facilities
Marina Facilities
Coastal and Marine Projects
Highways, Bridges, and Tunnels
Railroads, Stations, and Railroad Facilities
Stormwater and Flood Control Facilities
Water and Wastewater Conveyance and Treatment Facilities


*Hayduk Engineering performs project management and some of the engineering work under these disciplines in-house, and also uses the services of other professionals as subconsultants as needed. Hayduk Engineering’s relationships with these subconsultants are long-standing.