NYSDOT Region 11 Pavement Preservation

Hayduk Engineering is providing construction inspection services for several projects throughout the five boroughs.

The pavement preservation work includes:

Asphalt Highways:

  • Bruckner Expressway double course overlay small section includes pavement repairs
  • Henry Hudson Parkway single course only asphalt fair
  • Van Wyck Expressway single course only asphalt
  • Staten Island Expressway single course only very good condition preventive treatment based on pavement management system for interstate highways
  • West Shore Expressway South Bound- single course only, North Bound double course as indicated on the plans and single course as indicated on the plans

Concrete Highways:

  • LIE main line in very good condition, few partial and few partial depth repair. LIE collector distributor system fair to slightly bad, significant amount of full depth repair. The ramps are not included in this project.
  • Nassau Expressway Eastbound good/fair not that many full depth repairs. Full depth repairs were done in XM14.49 in 2016 Nassau Expressway West bound short section. the ramps are in good shape where no major amount of work is required. Asphalt section on the East bound are to be milled and repaved with single course overlay.
  • GCP connector ramps- The ramps are in very bad condition. Pavement committee decided to use asphalt repairs as a temporary fix. The connector ramps are to be reconstructed under the Kew Gardens interchange project.

Our services include construction inspection, on-site field testing of materials, field measurement and collection of data necessary to submit monthly and final estimates and progress reports in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Record Keeping, and preparation of record plans showing all changes from the contract plans.