Whitewood Condominiums Storm Drainage
Investigation and Improvements

Hayduk Engineering was retained to prepare an investigative study related to severe flooding at Whitewood Condominiums in North Hills, NY. The study included analysis of the existing storm drainage collection system, recharge basin, and diffusion well, as well as analysis of storm drainage systems for nearby communities that were contributing to the flooding issue at Whitewood, including a Nassau County owned storm drainage system and recharge basin that was intended to provide emergency overflow capacity for the Whitewood recharge basin.

After completion of the study, Hayduk Engineering prepared engineering design plans and provided full-time construction administration services for the rehabilitation of the existing recharge basin at Whitewood Condominiums. The project included the pumping out of stormwater from within the recharge basin, dredging and removal of accumulated sediment and debris within the recharge basin to re-establish the intended storage volume of the basin, pumping out and removal of accumulated sediment and debris from within the diffusion well, drying out, trucking, and disposal of removed sediments, and re-establishment of the gradient collar material surrounding the diffusion well inlet.