Suffolk Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Grinder Pumping Station

Hayduk Engineering was the Engineer of Record for the Suffolk Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing (SCRN) sewage treatment plant (STP) in Patchogue. The STP was an extended aeration plant with denitrification filters with a design flow of 22,000 gpd. Hayduk Engineering was retained initially to assist in responding to an Order on Consent Issued by SCDHS for the inability of the treatment facility to denitrify. HE originally designed a new replacement 22,000 gpd Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Treatment Plant for SCRN to comply with the OOC. Upon nearly receiving approval on the design plans and specifications for the new STP, our client was notified that there was available capacity in the Patchogue Village Sewer District. With the concurrence of SCDHS, the client decided to abandon the plan to construct a new STP and pursue connection into the Patchogue Village Sewer District, which was later approved.

The project included the demolition of the existing STP and disposal system and the installation of a new quadplex grinder pumping station and low pressure sewer connection. The project also included the expansion of the Village of Patchogue Sewer District to the SCRN property, the design of which was prepared by the Village. The project also required the design and construction of precast concrete segmental retaining walls, a new pre-manufactured metal storage building, and miscellaneous site improvements. The pumping station has been operational since early 2019.