SUNY at Stony Brook Stormwater and Sanitary Sewer Evaluations

Hayduk Engineering was responsible for performing an in-depth analysis of existing conditions and determining the impacts of proposed development to existing storm and sanitary sewer infrastructure at the West Apartments and Tabler Quad at Stony Brook University. This service was provided as part of the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) evaluation process for two (2) separate student housing expansion projects to introduce an additional 476 beds in two (2) new buildings; one at West Apartments (Building K) and one at Tabler Quad.

As part of the stormwater analysis, Hayduk Engineering performed dry and wet weather inspections of the existing drainage network of catch basins, manholes, leaching pools, and recharge basins that service these student housing developments on campus. As part of the process, Hayduk Engineering was able to correct previous campus inventory maps to properly reflect existing conditions. A HydroCAD stormwater model was then developed for both existing and proposed conditions to determine if any improvements were necessary to the storm drainage system(s).

The sanitary sewer analysis included determining the existing hydraulic capacity of the sanitary sewer network from the proposed points of connection, through the trunk sewer network, to the discharge point at the Suffolk County Sewer District #21 Stony Brook Wastewater Treatment Plant. Our services included a field investigation to verify conditions. Our analysis suggested some minor improvements and further investigation to the system so as to provide an accurate record of existing conditions for further analyses.