Water and Wastewater Engineering

Suffolk Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Grinder Pumping Station

Hayduk Engineering was the Engineer of Record for the Suffolk Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing (SCRN) sewage treatment plant (STP) in Patchogue. The STP was an extended aeration plant with denitrification filters with a design flow of 22,000 gpd. Hayduk Engineering was retained initially to assist in responding to an Order on Consent Issued by SCDHS for the inability of the treatment facility to denitrify. HE originally designed a new replacement 22,000 gpd Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Treatment Plant for SCRN to comply with the OOC. Upon nearly receiving approval on the design plans and specifications for the new STP, our client was notified that there was available capacity in the Patchogue Village Sewer District. With the concurrence of SCDHS, the client decided to abandon the plan to construct a new STP and pursue connection into the Patchogue Village Sewer District, which was later approved.

The project included the demolition of the existing STP and disposal system and the installation of a new quadplex grinder pumping station and low pressure sewer connection. The project also included the expansion of the Village of Patchogue Sewer District to the SCRN property, the design of which was prepared by the Village. The project also required the design and construction of precast concrete segmental retaining walls. The pumping station has been operational since early 2019. A future phase of this project will include a new premanufactured metal storage building, anticipated to be constructed in 2020.

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Suffolk County Sewer District #9 College Park Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

The existing Suffolk County Sewer District #9 – College Park (SCDPW owned and operated) Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 40,000 gpd single train extended aeration plant that is being operated similar to a Modified Ludzack Ettinger (MLE) process. Hayduk Engineering was the consulting engineer for the wastewater treatment plant improvements to the facility including a building expansion to house new blowers and new drum filters, electrical upgrades, new chemical storage facilities, and a newly emergency power generator. The project also included design of new splitter boxes, conversion of the existing abandoned chlorine contact chamber to a flow meter pit and effluent wet well, and replacement of all aeration equipment with new higher efficiency diffused aeration equipment and blowers. For budgetary purposes, SCDPW elected to install portions of the project in a phased approach. To date, the building extension, electrical upgrades, emergency generator, and new blowers have been installed. Hayduk Engineering provided preliminary design, final design, bidding phase and shop drawing review services for this project.

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Wincoram Commons Pumping Station and Force Main

Wincoram Commons is a 150-unit affordable housing rental community which also incorporates 15,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor of several of its buildings in a village type setting. The owner is a partnership of a private Rochester, NY developer and the Community Development Corporation of Long Island (CDCLI).

Hayduk Engineering was originally retained to design the sewage treatment plant (STP) modifications necessary for the Wincoram Commons to connect to another existing local, privately owned Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) treatment facility at Bretton Woods. During the design phase, we determined that structural deficiencies in the existing STP hampered this proposal, and we initiated discussions with Suffolk County, ultimately receiving approval for connection to Suffolk County Sewer District #11 – Selden.

The project included connection to a Suffolk County Sewer District and two directional drillings of the force main, under a State Highway (Route 25) and a private road respectively, as well as open cut installations in easements and public roads. The new facility includes a duplex submersible sanitary pumping station, valve chamber, meter pit, control building, emergency generator, and a 4,700 LF force main connecting to SCSD #11. The Wincoram Commons pumping station has been operational since summer 2015.

This project was awarded the 2017 Long Island Builders Institute Gold Award for Engineering Design.

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Suffolk County Sewer District #11 Pumping Station #3 Replacement

Prior to allowing our Wincoram Commons client to connect to SCSD #11, SCDPW required assessment of the capacity of the existing downstream collection system in the Selden Sewer District to ensure it had capacity for the additional flow. This involved an assessment of both our client’s flows as well as several other developers that had proposals to connect into the District system. Our analysis showed that the existing District sewer system had marginal capacity for the additional flow, as did the existing District force main, but the existing pumping station required replacement with a new, larger pumping station. A joint venture of private owners was formed and HE was retained to perform the engineering services for the preliminary design report, final design plans and specifications, and construction administration services. The new pumping stations features a 35’ deep cast-in-place concrete wet well with an influent grinder, two (2) 560 gpm submersible pumps, valve chamber, flow meter pit, and a precast concrete control building with emergency generator. The average daily design flow is about 150,000 gpd, which includes the flow from Wincoram Commons as well as Island Green, Selden Plaza, All American Assisted Living (another Hayduk Engineering project), and a large segment of existing single family homes serviced by the SCSD #11 system. The design and construction was complicated by the presence of poorly drained soils, high groundwater table, a constricted site with “work-around” environment, and the necessity for significant steel sheeting and bracing and dewatering. The pumping station has been operational since 2015.

This project was awarded the 2017 Long Island Builders Institute Gold Award for Engineering Design.

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Stonehurst III Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Hayduk Engineering is the Engineer of Record for the 210,000 gpd Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at Stonehurst III in Coram, NY. During our tenure as Engineer of Record, Hayduk Engineering has performed investigative studies, analyses, provided operator assistance, and has designed and overseen the construction of many upgrades at the plant. Some of the recent design improvements include the replacement of existing static screen with a new dual chambered mechanically cleaned fine screen, conversion of the existing intermediate surge tank into an influent equalization tank, replacement of pumps at the influent pump station, replacement of existing polishing filters, conversion of abandoned sand filters into an intermediate pump station, expansion of the remote leaching field, and flow analysis for the plant. At the same facility, Hayduk Engineering has overseen the completion of a rehabilitation of the local disposal leaching system and engineering design improvements at a remote pumping station including a new influent grinder chamber.

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Hampton Inn Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

This existing Hampton Inn hotel in Islandia, NY was experiencing frequent sewage overflows and pumping and hauling of sewage from what they believed to be their septic system. Hayduk Engineering was contacted by Chatham Lodging Trust, the owner and operator of this hotel and over seventy (70) other hotels nationwide, to investigate the problem and provide a resolution. After further investigation, it was discovered that the site was serviced by a passive denitrification system (a/k/a “Denite System”) that was damaged and no longer functioning, which was causing the sewage overflows and frequent (and costly) pumping and hauling services.

Passive Denitrification systems were designed and permitted in Suffolk County in the 1980’s as a bridge between conventional septic systems and wastewater treatment plants. Passive Denitrification systems allowed for a property to be developed over the allowable sanitary density for the site, up to a hydraulic design flow of 15,000 gallons per day (gpd). Many of these systems were installed in Suffolk County. The systems were comprised of conventional septic tanks; a nitrification field comprised of galleries of upper and lower perforated pipes in a lined sand media bed; a denitrification chamber filled with sulfur and limestone; and a disposal (leaching) field. After several years of widespread applications throughout the County, it became apparent that these systems were not functioning as intended nor designed. Modifications were made to many of these systems in the following years to include wastewater dosing pumps and aeration equipment, but ultimately this technology was banned in Suffolk County due to numerous failures.

Although there were less costly alternatives available to them, the Owner elected to voluntarily and proactively provide the most   environmentally conscious  approach… to demolish the existing Denite System and construct an advanced wastewater treatment plant.

Hayduk Engineering prepared an engineering design report as well as final plans and specifications for a 15,000 gpd packaged Biologically Engineered Single Sludge Treatment (BESST) wastewater treatment plant.  Shortly after obtaining conceptual approval of the engineering design report from SCDHS, the client expressed their interest in having Hayduk Engineering be responsible not only for the design of the system, but also the construction of the project. As a result, Hayduk Engineering partnered with Bensin Contracting, Inc. to complete the project as a Design – Build team.

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College Woods Sewer Collection System

At the time, College Woods was the largest community development project in the United States. It offered affordable and attractive housing to those pursuing the dream of home ownership. The project transformed a blighted area in the Carleton Park area of Central Islip into a prideful community and established covenants and restrictions to help maintain its legacy and promise well into the future. The project included the installation of a sewer collection system, road reconstruction, upgrades to the storm drainage system, and various other roadway improvements.

Hayduk Engineering was responsible for the engineering design and construction supervision of the sewer collection system, pumping station and force main connection into Suffolk County Sewer District #3 – Southwest. The constructed sewer collection system consists of 20,500 LF of 10” and 8” diameter PVC trunk sewers, 118 sanitary manholes, a duplex submersible pumping station, valve chamber, meter pit, control building, emergency generator, and 1,100 LF of 6” diameter PVC force main piping connecting into the Southwest Sewer District.

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